​​Five things you need ​to know about Capricorn Private Wealth​

  • Introduction

Capricorn Private Wealth is a financial services provider that builds meaningful relationships with clients, with the aim of offering tailor made wealth management strategies, specifically developed to cater to the unique needs of individuals. Helping clients reach their financial goals with considered advice and innovative banking solutions.

The offering was created out of the realisation that there was demand for a highly personalised financial services offering that could service the needs of Ultra High Net Worth, High Net Worth individuals and High Income Earners. We will explore some unique topics on LinkedIn related to these individuals,  but before we begin, here are some important facts about Capricorn Private Wealth that have shaped the way that we do business and the service that we offer our clients.

  • Capricorn Private Wealth is a combined offering of Bank Windhoek and Capricorn Asset Management.

Capricorn Private Wealth began as an idea, a vision to create a unique financial offering that did not exist in the Namibian market. Extensive research revealed that there was a need for such an offering and so the Capricorn Private Wealth journey began. In creating this offering, we've taken a great deal of expertise, knowledge and experience from both Bank Windhoek and Capricorn Asset Management to create a boutique wealth and investment management experience for high net worth individuals.

  • Capricorn Private Wealth has deep Namibian roots.
Capricorn Asset Management is a leading Namibian Asset Management Company, having established a reputation in the market for insightful and intelligent investing and for ensuring the best returns for its clients. Capricorn Asset Management is trusted by clients and are highly regarded in the industry.

Bank Windhoek uses their local knowledge and insights to provide Namibians with financial service offerings that best suit them. This means that no financial services institution is as heavily invested in the Namibian economy.

Leveraging the expertise of two 100% Namibian businesses, no other wealth offering compares to Capricorn Private Wealth.

  • The Capricorn Private Wealth offering was created to service the very specific needs of its clients.
Research and experience has indicated that Namibian high net worth clients require financial solutions that that are flexible and adaptable, highly personalised and delivered in an exceptional way. At Capricorn Private Wealth we have created an offering that responds to the need, delivered by highly skilled individuals who are not just private bankers and wealth managers but also leaders in their respective fields. Namibia is unique and as a result, the solutions offered need to be based on unique insights into the market and delivered in the right way.

  • The Capricorn Private Wealth approach is as unique as the clients they serve.
Each client has a personalised offering that is formulated from integrated feedback and from working together with Capricorn Private Wealth to find solutions to protect and grow their wealth. To begin with, information is collected regarding each client's banking and investment needs. In time, the extent of the offer is agreed upon and financial goals are set. A very specific solution is then put into action.  The offering is continuously adapted to ensure that the ever-evolving needs of the client are bei​ng serviced.

  • Capricorn Private Wealth employs a wide range of specialists to service the specific needs of its clients.

Capricorn Private Wealth covers the personal as well as the business financial services requirements of clients.  This is achieved by offering clients the expert advice and guidance from Private Bankers, Wealth Managers, Fiduciary Specialists who assist with trusts, estates and wills and Forex Specialists who assist clients with foreign payments, receipts and import and export transactions. Capricorn Private Wealth also offers expert advice on specific tax matters, offshore investments and insurance needs.

Capricorn Private Wealth gives its clients access to a dedicated team of specialists; putting them client at the centre of everything, surrounding them by a dedicated team working together to protect the wealth of their clients. ​

Capricorn Private Wealth is unique in the Namibian market and strives to satisfy the specific needs of Namibians.